Protection Status
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Dear Customer/Partner,

We need some details regarding your Account/Payment(s), in order to confirm your account and your order(s).
We need to be sure that your are the legal owner of the credit Card or Paypal account to avoid chargebacks after investigation.

Could you please provide us a copy (scan) of your ID (example: Drivers License) proving that you are the actual owner of the Paypal account / Credit Card used to Fund your account ?

- If you prefer, you could also provide a copy of your credit card, where we can CLEARLY see your First Name and Last Name (please hide/blur the credit card number, except the last 4 numberstogether with your ID.

- You can provide these documents attached by email to, subject "Account Verification", please include your "Username" with our company.

- As soon as we are able to confirm your payment, your order will be approved, your Funds will be credited to your account, your Master PIN will be generated and emailed to you and your account will resume to active status. if you should have any questions, please feel free to contact our GSM Unlocking Team from Mon.-Sun. 8am-10pm EST Time at (888) 669-5952 and any of our team members would be happy to assist you.


Your private data will be stored safely into our secured and crypted database, you won't need to worry about privacy. If this is a real matter for you, then just provide a scan of your ID and blur/hide sensitive details such as address, but AT LEAST we should be able to see your First Name and Last Name matching Paypal Account / Credit Card owner.


After this simple checking procedure, you will get your account to active approved status, credit(s) and all future order payments will be automatically confirmed and funded to your account. Rest assure, we do our best to preserve our customers interest and keep safe any private data. Our Terms & Conditions . We hope you understand our claim and we are waiting for your email.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Place order using PAYPAL
  3. We will send an email after few hours (usually take from 12 to 36 hours) to your PAYPAL EMAIL account with a confirmation link. YOU MUST CLICK THIS LINK to add credits INSTANTLY on your account
  4. Once you have clicked the link (you can do it only 1 time) credits will be added INSTANTLY to your account
Many users are using different email address on our site and different PAYPAL email address. WE WILL ALWAYS SEND THE CONFIRMATION LINK TO THE PAYPAL EMAIL ADRESS THAT WAS USED TO PAY YOUR ORDER. The invoice will be of course available on your account after payment is received.
If you do not have access to this PAYPAL email address for some reason and you are not the PAYPAL account owner then you must contact the owner and ask to click the link for you. You can also contact us and so we can verify your payment together. If the order is not confirmed after 7 days. The order will be canceled and you will be refunded.
Please be patient, the system is working completely standalone, automatic but for security reasons to protect our customers we need to verify each orders. it will take MAXIMUM 36 HOURS for this process to be completed and sometimes less. Do not start a Paypal dispute before this time else you will be refunded instantly and credits will not be added to your account.
Becoming a TRUSTable customer
As soon as you are doing regular deposit using our services and paying with paypal. We will add your account to trustable customers. This means on all your next paypal deposit orders credits will be added instantly and you will not have to confirm your order anymore. It will be instantly confirmed.


GSM Unlocking Team


Why are we asking you to verify your Account/Payment ?

- Unfortunately for us merchant, Paypal does not protect us against credit card fraud and we have to deal with many chargebacks which means reverse all funds to Paypal adding extra fees.

We try to avoid this by analyzing some datas of your order, this could be:

- Your Paypal account is not verified
- Our scoring engine reveals some mismatch data between your information on our account and your Credit Card / Paypal account
- Paypal . Credit Card processor has sent us a warning notification about this transaction that we should 'not ship item'
- Many other reasons...

What if I don't want to apply to this verification ?

- We would be really sorry if you couldn't complete this verification procedure, we totally understand if you don't want to, we respect your choice. At this point we will simply cancel your account, order(s) and refund your Paypal account.

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